Company History

Stresscon Corporation was founded in December 1967 and has operated continuously since January 1968. Stresscon fabricates and erects a wide variety of precast concrete structures, consisting of products that range from double tee and hollow-core deck members to sophisticated architectural concrete finishes such as acid-etch, exposed aggregate, sand-blast, and brick-clad wall panels, spandrels, and specialty shapes.

In 1978, Stresscon acquired the operating assets of Mack Precast Concrete Products Company, of Adams City, Colorado , subsequently moving that operation to Colorado Springs as the Architectural Concrete Division.

In 1983, Stresscon installed a satellite operation, Stresscon / Texas, Inc., in Dallas, Texas where it fabricated and erected several major projects including an 18-story precast concrete office and parking structure. This was followed, in 1987, by the installation in Queenstown , Maryland of the Spectrum Concrete Systems facility which specialized in double tee parking garages and multi-residence structures. All work at both of these operations has been completed and key personnel have been relocated to the Colorado operations.

In 1987, Stresscon acquired the facilities of its Denver Metro Division in Weld County, north of Denver , Colorado , and in 1992 the Styrocore wall panel facility was installed at the Denver Metro Division to serve the industrial building market. Service to our Denver customers is provided through our sales office located on in Denver.

In 1993, Stresscon merged with and is now a member of the EnCon United Companies, Denver, Colorado.

All of the current production facilities are certified under the Prestressed Concrete Institute’s (PCI) Plant Certification program for structural and architectural concrete.